Video Depositions

I have 20 years of experience and certification as a Deposition videographer and understand and follow all of the federal, state and AGCV procedures.

Day in the Life Documentaries

DITL documentaries are my specialty and I work to create the video my clients need me to create. I provide discreet environments for clients as well as welcoming and professional video services. 

Site Inspections

I can provide pre and post-construction videos, inspections of vehicles, buildings, damage assessments, insurance videos, product testing and any other legal video needed for trial.


I have been certified as both a Certified Depostion Video Specialist and Certified Evidentiary Video Specialist for almost 20 years. I have experience with a wide array of legal cases.

Editing of Video Depositions

I can guarantee quick turn around for deposition editing for trial - even overnight or over-the-weekend trial preparation. I will have your video ready for trial at the Judge's and council's specifications.

Evidentiary Specialist

We can cover any evidentiary circumstance needed to get you ready for trial. Any legal video need will be met with professional standards and all evidence will be preserved and protected until trial.